Pussy Galres is a team of independent girls/women who each have our own small business in common, cozy and orderly surroundings.
Together we have made a small guide for you who want to visit us.

Before the visit:
 - Find out who you want to visit; blonde, brunette, fat, thin, tall short, breast size, etc. - Next, investigate what services the girl/woman who suits your taste can offer. - If you have special wishes, you can call Pussy Galores and ask. - It is possible to reserve an appointment with your favorite girl/woman, that way you avoid waiting time when you arrive.

On arrival at Pussy Galores:
- You will be received by a receptionist who will either show you to a waiting room, or a free room. Although the receptionist is nice, she does not offer sex. Please therefore spare her cheeky offers.. - If you have booked an appointment, the waiting time is often short.
- Without an appointment, the receptionist will tell you about those you can meet and offer you to greet them.
- Expect to be offered coffee, tea or water in case of waiting time.

Meeting the girl/woman:
- When you meet the girl/woman, receive her in a nice and polite way.
- If she doesn't live up to what the receptionist or the ads have set you up for - say no. There is no one - neither she, the clinic nor other guests who benefited from "false marketing". Pussy Galores emphasizes that advertisement descriptions, descriptions and pictures on the Internet are both inviting and appetizing, but at the same time a real picture of the girl/woman you want to visit.
- Pussy Galores has a house minimum price list, which is never up for discussion, however, the girls/women at Pussy Galores are all self-employed and therefore the prices may vary.
- All the girls/women ONLY offer safe sex.
- The girls/women associated with Pussy Galores make a lot of their intimate hygiene. They naturally expect the same from you, if this is not the case, it is possible to borrow our bathroom. The girls/women on Pussy Galores are not forced to be on Pussy Galores. They all have different sexual boundaries, which you, as a guest, must respect. Therefore, always ask in advance if she offers what you want, because not everyone wants it.
-  Remember that the girls/women are just as different as everyone else, they have erogenous and sensitive zones so never be harsh, it shouldn't hurt.
- After your time together, it's perfectly fine if you want to get dressed and out the door quickly. However, it is rarely taken seriously, with a nice chat afterward. Once you've left Pussy Galores: It's important to remember that most girls/women want to separate their private life from their professional life. Not all guests want others to know about their clinic visits either. Discretion is therefore a necessity and a matter of course.
- Be discreet around the girls/women you meet and respect their private lives when you e.g. pass on your experiences. Should you meet the girls/women outside of Pussy Galores, be discreet, most do not want to be recognized in their civilian lives, just as many guests also do not want to be molested by one of them outside of Pussy Galores.
- The girls/women on Pussy Galores have stage names, so should a situation arise where you and the girl/woman say hello, please never use her stage name - a "hello" is enough. If you have questions, laughs or praise, there
phone number on our site that we encourage you to use.

Please all of us at Pussy Galores ❤️